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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baby Shoes For Sale Never Worn

SMITH Magazine began a project in 2006 called the “Six Word Memoir” in an effort to provide a tool for people to stimulate conversation or spark the imagination.  This project encouraged people to write a six word memoir about themselves…a six word autobiography, so to speak.  There is now a website, www.sixwordmemoirs.com, where you can submit your own words to the “six” phenomenon.
Of course, the idea of this is nothing if not intriguing.  The submitted memoirs include many that leave the reader wanting to know more:
·        “At least I was finally honest.”
·        “Waiting for news in hospital hallways.”
·        “I’ve tried to leave good marks.”
And then there are the others that don’t leave the reader hanging at all.  Some of the six letter memoirs are so powerful at only six words that the reader can feel the depth of emotions immediately. 
“Baby shoes for sale never worn.”
“My baby died and it hurts.”
“Final breath.  Angels carried you away.”
“I just miss you.  I do.”
It doesn’t escape me that these statements, while so short, carry so much importance and weight.  Just like the tiny lives they refer to.  It is a reminder that the length of an experience doesn’t make it matter more or less.  Sometimes, the most monumental and special parts of our lives are only given to us for the shortest amounts of time.  But, they matter.  Oh, yes, they matter very much. 

What are your six words?  Are they full of emotion, full of pain, full of love?  Your words are your story and your story is your legacy.  How about this one:  Loss hurts but the love remains.  Six letters.  No one can take away the love you feel-that is yours.  Even the worst pain of loss can’t erase it.  It is perpetual, it is true and it is what will help to heal your broken heart.

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