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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ways to Remember Idea #4

Are you a writer?  The answer doesn't really matter.  If you have been through a profound event, you have thoughts and feelings that need to be expressed.  Many people are great at talking about how they feel, some are not.  Why not try writing....keep a journal, create a blog (my favorite idea!), or write notes to your baby. 

The one HUGE difference with perinatal loss, as opposed to the loss of other loved ones, is that no one feels comfortable talking to you about it.  So, the grief becomes very isolating and lonely.  It is so important to get those feelings out. 

I know people who have written notes to their babies talking about their pregnancies, any guilt they felt over the loss, and any anger they felt.  I know others who journal and get their thoughts and feelings on paper.  I created a blog after my daughter died and it served such a purpose for me.  You don't have to be creative to do this...believe me, I am far from creative.  I just wrote and posted US pictures and got to share my feelings for her in a safe arena.  I didn't have to worry about anyone telling me they couldn't hear anymore or avoiding me because they didn't want to hear anything about a baby who was gone.  Writing my blog was so cathartic for me.  I was able to write about my anger and my own guilt, and over time, I was able to start expressing joy and happiness on my blog. 

You see, we must tell our stories.  If we keep them bottled up, they will eventually come to the surface.  We have every right to talk about our children.  We are parents....other parents talk about their children, so why can't we?? 

Writing is for you, but it can also help others if you choose to share your writings.  What a wonderful way to honor your baby.  By sharing your story with others who may feel alone, you are sharing your baby's purpose and sharing your love for him or her.

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  1. I think this is Melissa Peterson writing... if so, thank you for your help today! This blog is a great resource and you write so well :) I'm at thelittlegreenfamily.blospot.com
    Thanks for helping me today, and I'll check back with you!